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Business Supply List

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

When I first started my clay earring business, I truly had no idea how many things I would actually need. However, as time has gone by, I have accumulated all sorts of varieties of tools

and organization supplies. So here I am today, giving lots of tips on how to organize and what to buy for any small business.

I have come up with 3 different categories to expand on, that I have found to be the most useful. First on the list is organization for tools and product. The second category is shipping supplies. Product photography supplies is last but not least, seriously this is probably the most important category because this is what helps sell your products.

Start your business with organization in mind! Keeping your space tidy with organizers is essential for your time management. Believe me, you will feel so much better if everything has a place. Bead organizers, baskets, tubs/bins with lids, and drawer organizers are all great options and I just happen to use all of them. Here is a list of products that I love. Hopefully this saves you some time and money in your search for organization products. I am always looking for a good deal, so all of these items are the best price I can find and have proved to last. Some of my favorite places to buy are Amason, Target, and AliExpress.

Storage Trays:

These trays come in multiple colors and sizes. This is a great way to organize your counters or shelves. I use them for my earring card holders, earring water baths ect..

Bead Storage:

I use these to organize beads, charms, and findings!

Clay Storage:

If you are using clay, you will find yourself with so many colors and scraps that need a place after being opened.

Storage Bins:

These are great for larger items. Mine are used for transporting earrings and supplies.

Shipping supplies are essential for anyone with a small business! For most custom stationary, stickers and stamps, I use Zazzle or Canva. For packaging supplies, Amazon has some great deals on Polymailers, boxes, and bubble wrap/packing peanuts.

Poly Mailers:

Mini mailing boxes:

I prefer these because I can use my own stamp on them and stuff them with tissue paper. These come in lots of sizes.


If you’re like me and just despise standing in line at the post office, then you will definitely need a scale to weigh your packages. These are super affordable and easy to store.

Photography props are so fun to shop for but I’m here to give you the best prices!

For any type of product photography you will need good lighting and backdrops. I do mainly smaller products like jewelry so I personally use lots of small props, so here are a few ideas for you.

Light box:

This first one is an absolute lifesaver. I live in Oregon which means our lighting isn’t always great since the weather is bipolar. There were so many days I had to put off photography, that is until I found this light box.

Silk Backdrop:

Silk/Satin pillowcase make for such a wonderful backdrop. It looks clean and classy. Try it out for yourself. I like the white and champange colors. Here is an example of how it can look.

Earring Displays:

Wooden Bowl:

Target has so many photo prop options. I use this mini dish because my products are smaller but a cutting board or tray would work great as well.

Floral Arrangements:

I usually pick mine up when I see something I like in the clearance at Hobby Lobby or Michaels but I found this eucalyptus garland at Target and I use it for more than just pictures. It’s used for my market display as well as a general decor piece.

If you have made it this far, thank you! That's it for now. Thank you for following along and supporting Larkspur. I appreciate each and every one of you. Let me know if you have any comments, questions, or other ideas.

Larkspur Co.

- Averie

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