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The Brand

Larkspur co, bringing the small details to life in your home with uniquely handcrafted homemakers necessities.



Hey Ya'll! Welcome to Larkspur. My name is Averie and I am the owner, photographer, media manager, creator ect. I originally started making clay earrings as a hobby but realized others may want them as well. Since then I have continued to expand my business to homemaker necessities. My goal is to turn my passion into my career. I am passionate about learning how to better my health and in turn helping you to better yours as well. We are now offering clean burning candles in a variety of vessels, Organically Grown Heirloom Seeds, Clay Jewelry and other household items. I find so much beauty in the natural materials God has provided for us so as I continue to expand my business, you will probably notice lots of stone and wood materials. Feel free to go on to the shop page to discover the variety of products we have to offer. Continue reading below to learn more about our products.



First things first, we make the vessels out of cement. Each vessel is carefully hand mixed, poured, and tapped out for bubbles. We wait about a day before we de-mold the vessel. Because cement is porous, we have to prep the vessel with sealant. We then add wooden wicks for a crackling fireplace sound. Last, we begin melting our coconut soy wax and add our fragrance. We use precise measurements to result in an excellent hot and cold throw.


Here at Larkspur, we care deeply about providing clean products, a clean environment and keeping your family healthy.


Did you know that 85% of candles manufactured are made with paraffin wax? Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum; the wax when burned releases many harmful toxins, one of which is benzene, most commonly known as a cancer-causing agent.


This is why we only use the best of the best. The best fragrances, the best oils, and the best wax. We use 100% clean burning coconut soy wax. It's the perfect blend for an aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and strong fragrance throw candle. Let me help you create a beautifully smelling, clean environment. 


All of our earrings use hypoallergenic stainless steel or brass metals, never a harmful metal component. We have silver and gold upon request. Our clay earrings are very delicately rolled out, cut, baked, and drilled. We have a variety of options on the shop page as well as taking custom orders over instagram or email.


As I have prefaced before, I care deeply about keeping our families healthy and doing everything we can to create a clean living environment. Taking steps toward improving our health is so much simpler when we consume whole foods. We do our best to shop organic but even the organic produce is coated in chemical sprays in our grocery stores. So why are we paying extra for what we think is the healthiest option when we can just grow our own foods ( for the most part)? Here is where we at Larkspur step in to provide you with seeds to help you get just one step closer to leading a healthier lifestyle. 

So what does Organically grown seeds even mean?

We provide seeds that have not been contaminated or treated with chemicals or genetically modified.This also means that they will not rely heavily on getting sprayed when planted. Once you are ready to plant your seeds they need to be planted in organic soil and kept away from harmful chemicals to ensure they are still organic because organic seeds do not ensure organic plants unless they are cared for with organic materials.

What is an heirloom seed?

Heirloom seeds are seeds that are passed down from generation to generation without being cross-pollinated. These seeds have been passed down for at least 50 years, since before the modern industrial agriculture farming began. The best part about heirloom seeds is that you can take the seeds every year and replant them again the next year, most of them will even replant themselves.  

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